Friday, September 28, 2012

Managing my way around quinoa

A few months ago I was promoted at work, resulting in my wandering around the office declaring to everyone what a big freaking deal I am.  This promotion took my existing job and added the responsibility of managing five other Administrative Assistants.  For the most part I enjoy it, but have been somewhat annoyed at how different my perception is than many others for what consitutes "a big deal".  When you work in a world that deals entirely with frozen vegetables and fruits, it's hard for me to take problems all too seriously - the world will not crumble to pieces over frozen broccoli florets or bias cut carrots.

This job does, though, afford me the opportunity to be a little more nosey about what people spend their days doing and I addmittedly love "deligating" my less savory projects to those who seem to have nothing but time on their hands.

Any foodie has surely noticed that, like me, quinoa has become a pretty big freaking deal lately.  For anyone who is unfamiliar with it, quinoa (pronounced ki-nwa) is a grain-like crop with edible seeds.  It originated south of the border in places like Peru, Bolivia, Equador, etc. but has recently made a splash in the culinary world for it's nutitional values.  You cook it like you would rice and generally it's used in the same applications, although I don't know that I've ever seen a quinoa cake or quinoa pudding.  It contains amino acids, iron, calcium, and phosphorus but the real kicker is that it's gluten-free.  Anyone with an allergy to gluten could certainly replace rice or noodles with quinoa and in my mind, that's it's one saving grace because the flavor is dull and I find it difficult to season well.  My thoughts on the subject end like this: let the vegans, hippies, and gluten-intolerants have their quinoa, I'll stick with rice, noodles, and bread.

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