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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

All National Cuisine Can Be Cooked In A Scanpan.

I'm being "treated" to dinner tonight. I bought ingredients, Ryan is cooking. We've decided on stir fry tonight. It seems weird that Ryan and I each have certain nationalities we're better at cooking. He's good at Asian and Italian, I make good Mexican and family comfort food (what I call, "Downhome American"). If you look closely enought into it, you'll realize that I can only have one or two things going on at once in a kitchen but Ry can have 5 or 6. I'm better at baking though, so as far as I'm concerned, I'm still carrying on those qualities that a woman should. *sigh* I always try not to be but I'm pretty old-fashioned.

I’m generally not a fan of non-stick cookware because it needs to be replaced so frequently. We’ve always kept one 8” nonstick skillet for eggs but that’s literally the only one. Recently though, Ryan came home with another 8” non-stick skillet. While I thought he was an idiot at the time, I now realize that he was presenting me with the most amazing non-stick skillet that has ever seen the light of day.
A product of Denmark, the brand name of this pan is Scanpan. Its nonstick coating is made of a ceramic, titanium blend which makes it ridiculously lightweight but with an aluminum base, it heats and cooks really evenly. The nonstick is what they call a “closed” nonstick surface that offers optimal food release every time. No need to pre-oil or season before using it. The construction of this pan is what really blew me away. They forge the shape of the aluminum under 200 tons of pressure to ensure that they will have a perfectly even pan base and that it won’t create any hot spots. This also makes it easier for the pan to heat quickly and evenly. They then create a mixture of ceramic and titanium which they heat to over 30,000 degrees Fahrenheit at which point, it liquefies (Scanpan calls it a “liquid plasma state”). The next step is to get the ceramic-titanium liquid plasma nonsense onto the pan by firing it on at under a ridiculous amount of pressure. The combination of heat and impact makes this mixture really anchor itself onto the aluminum. Ever heard of the MOHS scale that measures the hardness of gemstones? Diamonds are a 10, Scanpan is a 9.5. The significance of this is that this pan is nearly impossible to damage. Use any utensil, put it in your dishwasher, hit anyone over the head with it, it doesn’t matter...this bad boy is staying as is! Obviously, with this kind of production and craftsmanship, they give these pans a lifetime warranty.
I know it sounds like I’m just doing an ad for Scanpan but I seriously, seriously love this product. If I want to make a quesadilla, I melt the cheese directly on the pan and simply flip the pan over on my tortilla; the cheese just slips right off. And with nonstick properties this impressive, cleaning the pan is maybe the easiest thing ever. The handle is ergonomic (not that matters because you never have to hold the thing for longer than about 5 seconds), riveted on and cool to the touch. Yes, they’re pretty expensive but if you try one, you’ll be blown away. I promise!

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